The “material cause” is a notion coined by Greek philosopher Aristotle that supposes the material from which something is made can explain the question of “why” that thing is as it is, as an explanation of change or movement.

I have been looking at the material causes in the world of finite resources and increasingly virtual experiences and asking what might be learned if we begin to connect the red threads of materials that run through the objects in our built environments.

Beginning with the logics of taxonomy and material science, I began to gather and collect materials and objects into a sculptural material library. Different sites of my environment over the past year can be found at different levels that are composed of materials taken from the walls of my home, the products I own, my devices and the networks of the internet.

This library exposes the lineages of materials that can be traced from the scale of architecture to digital networks, the very basis of technology and the conditions of daily life. Materiality emerges as a cog in the wheel of progress, begging the question of where it might be bringing us next?

-*! Causa Materialis Material Catalogue ~*-

Image © Femke Reijerman

Image © Femke Reijerman

300cm (H) x 75cm (D) x 200cm (W)

Mixed materials across 5 levels

-*! Networks ~*-
Photographic Paper, Aluminium Foil, PP Sheet, Sandpaper, Paper, Spray Paint, Prism Sheet, Static Window Sheet, Kapton Tape, Hot Glue, Epoxy Glue, Solder, Copper Foil, Wood Veneer

-*! Electricals ~*-
Clear Acrylic, LCD Screen, Light Guide Plate, Stamped Aluminium Support, Fiberoptic Cable, Black Anodised Aluminium Heatsinks
Silicon Wafer, Silicone, Steel Hook, Copper Wire, Kapton Tape, Unsoldered PCB, Copper Coated Fiberglass, Aluminium Strut, Steel U-Bolt, Aluminium Mesh

-*! Electronics ~*-
MDF Hardboard Sheets, Aluminium Stucco Panel, Aluminium Rivets, Polystyrene Insulating Sheet, Molded Packaging Polystyrene, Desktop Computer, Electrical Power Cable (Computer, Screen, and Projector), VGA Cables, VGA to HDMI Converter, Ethernet Cables, Projector, Computer Screen, Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth Mouse Dongle, USB Key, Corrugated Cardboard, Paper Tape, Sandblasted Acrylic, Aluminium Blank/Billet, Steel Mesh, Flourescent Light

-*! Interiors ~*-
Aluminium Treadplate, Plaster, Ceramic Tile with Wood Effect, Aluminium Glazing Extrusion, Stainless Steel Bolts, Panasonic VHS Player/Recorder, VHS Tapes, Aluminium Square Extrusion, Aluminium Mold, Red Anodised Aluminium Component, IKEA LACK Table Top, Wooden Veneer, Decorative Glass Vessels, UV Glue, 6mm Plywood, Edge Glued Hardwood Panel, Wooden Dowel, Steel Wire

-*! Architecture ~*-
Aerated Concrete Block, Limestone Block, Lime Sandstone Brick/Calcium Silicate Brick, Yellow Silver Sand Facing Brick, Concrete Palisade Band, Refractory Masonry Brick, Assorted Bricks, Copper Pipe, Brass Band with Rivet, Steel Offcuts, Steel, Zinc Plated U Section, Mains Electrical Cable, PVC conduit, PVC Tape, Cable Ties, Multiplug, Mirrored Glass, Float Glass/Window Pane, Pine, Woven Basket, Twine, Reed Window Blind, Bamboo, Aluminium Tube, Aluminium Gutter, Nylon Ratchet Tie-Down Strap, Ash, Reinforced Concrete.